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Backwoods Grind Coffee

Where hard work meets great taste!

Tired of stale grocery store coffee?

We know what it's like to drink bad coffee. We don't sell bad coffee here.


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Signature Roasts

The Pinhoti Roast

The fuel for the Pinhoti Project grind! The Pinhoti Roast is a unique blend of dark roasted Peruvian and medium roasted Costa Rican beans. From the hardwood bottoms of Alabama to the hills of South Dakota, you’re sure to enjoy the taste of spring in every sip.

The Wren & Ivy Roast

What are two of the best smells in the world? Coffee and bridle leather! And that's what makes this partnership an obvious choice. That, along with the care and attention to detail both brands demand, make this blend of Costa Rican, Honduras, and Guatemalan coffees an excellent choice for your next adventure.

What our customers are saying

"The best coffee I have ever had!"

Lisa, from PA

"This is our new favorite coffee at camp! I converted my father who was strict maxwell house drinker. The coffee is very smooth and has a great taste. It is roasted fresh and shipped very quickly. I’ll be stocking up for our future bear and deer camps!"

Nate, from PA

"This coffee is so good! Smooth, not over roasted, tastes like coffee should taste! Mellow and very drinkable! Customer service is outstanding."

Karla, from WI


Everything we do at Backwoods Grind Coffee Company™ is focused on providing the outdoor industry with the best coffee we can get our hands on. Here's how:

  • Sack of Beans


    We believe in conservation and sustainability. We only source our beans from suppliers who have gone through a rigorous approval process.

  • coffee beans


    Our custom coffee blends are roasted in-house in small batches at our roastery in Pearl, Mississippi, so we can deliver coffee that is freshly roasted just days before delivery to your door!

  • Asset 8


    We pride ourselves in providing amazing coffee to the sporting and outdoor community. If you feel otherwise, please contact us! While we can't offer refunds on coffee at this time, we'd love to hear your feedback!


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