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How to Use the AeroPress to Brew Outdoor Coffee

Enjoying the great outdoors doesn’t mean you can’t brew a great cup of coffee. When most people think of brewing outdoor coffee, they think of cowboy coffee or instant coffee. Both of these methods result in epic failure when it comes to taste. You actually can have a deeply satisfying cup of coffee while enjoying the fresh air and serene landscapes that bring you to the outdoors. The best and easiest way to brew the perfect coffee outdoors is by using a very simple and affordable brewing tool called the Aeropress.

What is an Aeropress? 

Using an AeroPress for outdoor coffee!

The Aeropress is a compact but powerful coffee brewer. The cylindrical brewer is lightweight at under 7 ounces and only 5 x 11 inches. You can fit it easily into any bag or sack without adding the weight that traditional outdoor brewers add.  The Aeropress is constructed of lightweight polypropylene – a food-safe plastic that’s nearly indestructible. This thing will never crack, bend, or break. We’ve seen people run it over with cars and still brew a cup of coffee.

How to Use the Aeropress for Outdoor Coffee  

Aside from being lightweight and convenient, the real magic in the Aeropress comes from the end result. It does such a great job there is an annual World Aeropress Championship that includes over 60 countries and 3,000 competitors. 

As competitive as people get with their Aeropress brews, it’s a very forgiving and easy to use brewer – which is why we love it for outdoor use.

The easiest way to use the Aeropress is via what is called the inverted method. Just push the plunger slightly into the brewing chamber, face the open side upwards, and then leave the filter cap off.

  1. Boil your water in a pot over a fire or jet boil. 
  2. Add 16 grams of pre-grinded Backwoods Grind coffee – or one big Aeropress scoop (grind at a medium setting on your grinder) – pour it into the brewing chamber.
  3. Fill the Aeropress to the top with water – roughly 8 ounces.
  4. Set your timer for 2 minutes and let it steep 
  5. After 2 minutes, attach the filter cap, flip the Aeropress onto a mug, and press down for 30 seconds.

Even if you don’t follow these steps perfectly, you’re going to end up with a great-tasting cup of coffee that’s rich and balanced. It’s very forgiving. The only items you need aside from your Aeropress and ground coffee are a pot to heat your water and a mug to drink your brew.

Why Does Aeropress Brewed Coffee Taste Better? 

Coffee connoisseurs swear by the Aeropress, but what makes it work? The coffee scientists say the Aeropress produces a superior cup of coffee for the following reasons:

  • The total immersion of the coffee grounds in the water yields a rapid yet robust flavor extraction. 
  • Total coffee ground immersion allows for extraction at a moderate temperature, which results in a smoother and less bitter brew.
  • Air pressure shortens the filtering process to 30 seconds, which combats the bitterness that results from longer drip brew methods.
  • The air pressure gently squeezes all of the flavors from the grounds resulting in a richer finish.
  • Because of lower temperature and shorter brew time, the acid levels are lower than conventional brewers. Aeropress brews have 1/5 the acid of conventional brewers. 

Aeropress Cleanup is Fast & Easy  

Another great thing about the Aeropress is the quick and easy cleanup process. Simply detach the filter cap and push the spent coffee grounds through using the plunger. That’s it, you’re done. No water or soap necessary. You’re ready for the next brew session. What more could you ask for in an outdoor coffee brewer? 

Ready to Start Enjoying Coffee in the Great Outdoors? 

When you combine the ease of the Aeropress brewer and high-quality coffee like Backwoods Grind, you’ll never have to endure a cup of bitter cowboy coffee again. Make sure every cup of coffee you drink outdoors is great with the Aeropress and Backwoods Grind Coffee. Order now!

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